The competition starts with the game developers. Their job is to create a game with a high-score feature within a 72 hour period. Once the time runs out, the games are judged by participants, streamers, and hosts. After the top three games are chosen, the torch is passed to the streamers.


The second part of the competition is for game streamers. The goal for the streamers is to get a highscore in one of the top three games in 24 hours. Once the time runs out the streamers submit their recording, and the players who achieve the highest score in each game win.

GameJam Schedule

All winners will be announced through Discord

Weekend 1

Friday – Monday

Gamedevs start


Monday – Thursday

Jam winners chosen

Weekend 2

Friday – Sunday

Streamers start

Past Jams

Jam #16 – Theme: Clones

Jam #15 – Theme: One Bullet

Jam #14 – Theme: Merging

Jam #13 – Theme: Dodging

Jam #12 – Theme: Combining

Jam #11 – Theme: Teleportation

Jam #10 – Theme: Direction

Jam #9 – Theme: Climbing

Jam #8 – Theme: Balance

Jam #7 – Theme: Gravity

Jam #6 – Theme: Karma

Jam #5 – Theme: Destruction

Jam #4 – Theme: Growth

Jam #3 – Theme: Underground

Jam #2 – Theme: Waves

Jam #1 – Theme: Space